Hej, I'm Rosie
I love Sweden and everything Swedish
So yeah, If you want to ask me anything or request something, My ask box is just down there. Also if I have posted a photo that belongs to you, just message me and I'll be sure to remove it!
Talar du svenska?

I can speak a little Swedish, but I’m better at reading it ;)

20.Jul.14 1 week ago
Are you even Swedish? If not. Have you ever even visited Sweden at all?

Nope, I’m English but yeah I have visited Sweden once

19.Jul.14 1 week ago
Your blog is so lovely!

Thank you

18.Jul.14 1 week ago
Do you live in Sweden? If you do , what's like living there? :3

Nope, I live in England 

05.Jul.14 3 weeks ago

Hey guys, I’ve got some problems with my wifi at home at the moment, so I’m stealing my aunts wifi to make a queue for you guys, so if you have any requests or questions make sure to message me :) 

13.Jun.14 1 month ago