Hej, I'm Rosie
I love Sweden and everything Swedish
So yeah, If you want to ask me anything or request something, My ask box is just down there. Also if I have posted a photo that belongs to you, just message me and I'll be sure to remove it!
Thank you for helping me remind my self of my good old homeland, Australia is soooooo hot

no problem mate ^_^ 

18.Oct.14 3 days ago
This may be a lame question but why are Swedish so fashionable and so beautiful ? Like I have a Swedish friend and he and his friends never look sluggish or anything ? :)

omg haha I think about this all the time, I have Swedish friends and they always look like they’ve just strolled off a runway. It seems like they never dress slouchy. But well Swedes are hot af :3 

23.Aug.14 1 month ago
14.Aug.14 2 months ago